World's Tallest Drop Tower Coming To I-Drive Orlando 2020

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Slingshot i-Drive orlandoThe World's Largest Drop Tower is coming to IDrive Orlando. IDrive is short for International Drive and is the main tourist strip in Orlando, Florida.  This 14-mile strip connects all the theme parks, attractions, hotels, restaurants, convention center, and much more. The IDrive strip is becoming its very own destination as well. What was once know as the Orlando Eye, and changed to Coca Cola Eye, is now called The Wheel. The Wheel is located in the newly named entertainment complex called Icon Park. It also hosts the World's Tallest swing called the Starflyer. The success of the Wheel and Starflyer has Icon Park adding more attractions. Icon Park will soon be opening up the World's Largest Sling Shot and World's Largest Drop Tower. Can't wait for this Slingshot on I-Drive? Magical Midways located one mile north up IDrive has the current World's Tallest Slingshot. The developers of the original Slingshot at Magical Midway plan to redevelop that area after new one opens.

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International Drive is more commonly known as I-Drive Orlando! I-DRIVE ORLANDO is the city's main tourist strip. I-Drive is located several miles southwest of Downtown Orlando. The I-Drive Orlando area serves a similar purpose to that of the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas as the core of the tourism area.

Icon Park on IDRIVE Orlando announces two new rides to come in 2020

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Icon Park, formerly Icon Orlando 360, has announced that two new rides will be coming in 2020 – the Orlando Slingshot and the Orlando Gyro Drop Tower.
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