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No man can claim to have been to Orlando if he hasn’t taken a ride on The Wheel. This city has a lot of entertainment for both tourists and locals. You can visit the Icon Park alone or with the whole family, as there are many attractive bars, more than 50 restaurants of various cuisines, shops and, of course, attractions. In the Icon Park, people with completely different hobbies will find something to their liking. As for the attraction called Free Fall, it is the latest in the direction of International Drive and for today is the tallest tower in the whole world.

From the history of Icon Park

The news of planning to build a Free Fall and Orlando Slingshot under the direction of the Slingshot Group was announced back in May 2019. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and other circumstances, the creation of these two attractions was postponed for some time and was finally completed only in December 2019. Speaking specifically of the Free Fall, its height reaches 430 feet, and there is is a large teardrop on its top. The construction of the tallest drop tower in the world was completed in October 2021. According to the official information on the Icon Park’s website, the moment the attraction reaches the top, it tilts at a 30-degree angle, practically touches the ground, and then falls at a speed of 75 miles per hour at a distance of 400 feet. It is claimed that Free Fall can work with 30 riders at the same time.

ICON Park Drop Tower – the tallest in the world

As mentioned above, the distinguishing features of the Free Fall structure is that when it reaches the top, it tilts 30 degrees and, at a speed of 75 miles per hour, falls 400 feet, practically colliding with the ground. With a height of 430 feet, this tower is called the tallest in the world. Due to its height, the tower rises above the horizon and allows 30 riders to admire the beauties of I-Drive and Icon Park.
President and CEO of Icon Park Chris Jaskiewicz gave his comment after Icon Park was named «the land of giants» thanks to the construction of Free Fall, the Orlando Slingshot and the 450-foot Orlando StarFlyer which is the highest swing ride in the world «ICON Park is constantly growing and expanding our entertainment options for locals and tourists alike. We’re proud to welcome these two record-setting attractions to the Orlando Entertainment District and look forward to the joy and adrenaline they will bring our guests.
Slingshot Group owner Ritchie Armstrong also did not stay away: «The Slingshot Group of Companies™ is committed to bringing the biggest thrills to Orlando. We’re very excited to open the world’s tallest slingshot and free-standing drop tower at ICON Park to stand opposite of the Orlando StarFlyer, the world’s tallest swing ride.
Enjoy Florida Magazine gives readers the opportunity to save money when visiting Icon Park with special coupons. You can use them on both the above mentioned three slides, in Icon Park’s bars, and the Orlando StarFlyer and StarBar.

Enjoy Yourself at ICON Park!

As you might have guessed, Icon Park, located in the heart of Orlando’s International Drive, provides visitors with plenty of leisure options. You can visit the famous Madame Tussauds Orlando wax museum, ride a 400-foot Wheel with breathtaking views for hundreds of miles, see marine life at SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium, go to the 7D Motion Theater or In The Game, be impressed by our Museum of Illusions, as well as give unforgettable emotions to your children on the toddler-sized Pearl Express Train. In our Icon Park everyone will find something to their liking!